How to reduce stress


Mindful Photography

Ready to bring calmness and wellbeing in to your life?

It has been reported by many different sources that the following five actions can help you cope better with stress.

1. Create a different emotional mood

2. Changing your environment

3. Engage in a new or existing hobby

4. Do something challenging and interesting

5. Use some calming breathing exrtcises

Mindful photography ticks every box, your mood changes as you go to a different environment, your hobby (Mindful Photography) is challenging and interesting while your breathing become calmer as you concentrate on taking your images.

Exactly what you're getting:

MODULE 1: Introduction

A brief introduction about the course and the award-winning photographer and mindfulness coach who created it.

Image provided by www.theartfulrambler.com

MODULE 2: Stressed out?

You will learn on what stress is, what makes us stressed and how to cope with stress in a straightforward and simple way.

Image supplied by Nathan Dumlao

MODULE 3: Photography

Whether you use a smartphone, a point & shoot camera or an expensive digital SLR this session shows you how to use composition, scale and avoiding distractions to create wonderful images and memories.

Image provided by www.theartfulrambler.com

MODULE 4: Mindfulness

Learn Mindfulness in minutes, simply follow the instructions and you'll understand how easy it is to lead a more mindful life without having to read page after page of mumbo-jumbo.

Image supplied by Greg Rosenke

MODULE 5: Putting it all together

Learn how to bring the knowledge from the previous sessions together to enable you to enjoy mindful photography walks, being more creative with your photography and how to create a memorable photographic journal.

Image supplied by www.theartfulrambler.com

MODULE 6: And finally

A recap on what has been covered in the course and explaining the final three key points of mindful photography.

Image supplied by www.theartfulrambler.com


Before stress ruins your life!

This mini-course will show you within minutes of purchasing how to bring more calmness in to you life. It will help you take better photographs or teach you mindfulness easily and seperately or combine the two and open up a whole new world of enjoyment to you and your family and friends